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Hiroshima Castle

Terumoto Mori, a powerful warrior, began construction on Hiroshima Castle in 1589, in need of a location with convenient access to both water and land transportation. Large-scale construction work commenced on the castle structures, including its stone walls and fences, towers, and keep, as well as the surrounding castle town. Although Mori was later demoted by the Tokugawa Shogunate, Hiroshima Castle continued to be maintained throughout the Edo Period by the Asano clan. The original castle keep and several other structures remained throughout the Meiji Period, but unfortunately the castle was completely destroyed by A-Bomb. The castle was rebuilt in 1958 and made into a museum introducing Hiroshima's history. Reconstruction of the wooden outer citadel was completed in 1994, and the castle's stone walls and inner fences were designated as historic sites.

80 minutes by ferry and tram and 10 minutes walk from the hotel

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