Café & Dining Yoimosezu

On a clear day, one can see the vermilion O-Torii Gate of Itsukushima Shrine (UNESCO World Heritage Site) from a seaside table of one of the hotel's exquisite contemporary Japanese restaurants, Café & Dining Yoimosezu. The menu features only the finest seasonal ingredients for the hearty, home-style dishes, all uniquely presented on beautiful earthenware, porcelain, and lacquerware.
Yoimosezu also proudly features the finest soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, including our own house-blend coffee.
The wood interior will calm your mind, and you will find yourself spending moments of tranquility in Yoimosezu.

On a clear day, vermilion O-Torii Gate of Itsukushima Shrine (UNESCO world heritage site) can be beheld from seaside table.
Wooden floor would ease your mind and you will find yourself spending luxury momments in Holy island's cozy restaurant, "Yoimosezu".

Start your day good with a good breakfast.
To start your day good, we put much importance in your breakfast.
Please enjoy our healthful plates of chemical free vegitables and seasonal ingredients.

Kuryado Iroha's proud kaiseki dinner.
Kaiseki dinner is the pinancle of Japanese cuisine.
We proudly make ready our Kaiseki for you with fresh seasonal ingredients, preparation, setting and presentation coming together. We strongly recommend enjoying Kaiseki with us.

We put very much importance in natural food

Healthful to your body and mind We only select the seasonal freshest ingredients, such as marine products from Seto Inlandsea ,chemical-free vegitables from Chugoku Mountain Area and the highest ranked beef. Only those fresh rocal products are served in our meal. Please enjoy our proud Kaiseki dinner and touch the taste of typical and traditional Japanese cuisine.

zakka Higurashi

Variety Shop Higurashi Next to the hotel entrance on the first floor is Variety Shop Higurashi offering specialty pottery, ceramics, cutlery, paper items, cutlery, clothes etc, etc. Each product is carefully selected after visits to several studios and interviews with craftsmen not only from Hiroshima but also from all over Japan. You can find your own special souvenir from your trip to Miyajima here in the hotel's variety shop, Zakka Higurashi.

zakka Higurashi, hotel's variety shop, offers you specialty pottery, ceramics, cutlery, paper items, clothes etc, etc. Every craft is picked up after visiting studios and interviewing craftsmen from not only Japan but from all over the world. We also ask craftsmen in Japan to produce Iroha's original items. You would find your own special survenir of Miyajima trip here in Hotel's variety shop, Higurashi.

Open Daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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